Kamen Rider Gaim Movie: Great Soccer Battle! Golden Fruits Cup!

Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: Space, Here We Come!
Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters - Subtitle Indonesia

Release date July 19, 2014
Written by Jin Haganeya
Directed by Osamu Kaneda

Kouta Kazuraba is taken into a new version of Zawame, where soccer teams aim to win the All Rider Cup. The reward: The Golden Fruit. Along with the City restored and the immense soccer popularity, he sees many things different from his world, such as Hase and especially Yuya still alive in this world. Though questioning why this is happening, there is a secret about the world. A strange man named Kougane starts sending locusts to other armored riders, consuming them, leaving their lockseeds intact in order to revive his Golden Lockseed, which in turn transforms him into Armored Rider Mars. Along with a strange youth named Lapis who seems to be in relation of the new world, will the Beat Riders be able to stop him?